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Assyrian Agricultural Technology
What is the Tomb of the Prophet Jonah?

Ancient Israel
What Were Uzziah’s Machines?

The Trojan War in Greek Historical Sources

Persian Empire
Jehoishma Daughter of Ananiah

Phoenician World
High North: Carthaginian Exploration of Ireland

Roman and Parthian Near East
China Discovers the Ancient Near East
Christians in the Roman Army
Electricity in the Ancient World
“Magi from the East”
Mary, Mother of God
The Battle of Carrhae, 53 B.C.
The Jewish Queen
The Letters of Abgar V
The Life of Sextus Julius Africanus, Part 1
The Life of Sextus Julius Africanus, Part 2

Late Antiquity
The Great Persecution
What We’ve Lost: Mar Behnam Monastery

Science and Technology
Assyrian Agricultural Technology
Inventions from the Ancient Near East, Part 1
Inventions from the Ancient Near East, Part 2
Inventions from the Ancient Near East, Part 3
The Power of the Catapult
What Were Uzziah’s Machines?

Movie & TV Reviews
“The Bible,” episodes 1 and 2
“The Bible,” episodes 3 and 4

Book Reviews
“Brave New War” by John Robb
“The Political Impossibility of Modern Counterinsurgency” by M.L.R. Smith and David Martin Jones
“The Virtue of Nationalism” by Yoram Hazony

Cultural Heritage Issues
Abd al-Nasser al-Qardash Speaks
Archaeology in the Age of Special War
The Deadly War of Ideas
Deep Manuever, Robot Warfare, and You
The Endless War
The Future of War in the Middle East and the Future of Archaeology
The Great Damascus Antiquities Bust?
The Mafia, Looted Antiquities, and the KGB
Heritage as Platform: New Frontiers in Cultural Preservation
ISIS Embraces Critical Scholarship of the Bible?
Of Rhinos and Temples: Some Ethical Considerations in Heritage Protection
Palmyra Propaganda

Holiday Posts
“Magi from the East”: The Origin of the Three Wise Men (Christmas 2011)
The Great Persecution (Easter 2012)
Mary, Mother of God (Christmas 2012)

Heritage Preservation Resources
Conflict Archaeology Bibliography
Iraq and Syria Cultural Heritage Destruction Resources List

Mosul Cultural Heritage Under Threat: News Roundup (6/12/2014)
Mass Destruction of Islamic Heritage Sites in Iraq (7/5/2014)
Blogging Heritage Destruction in Conflict Zones: An Addendum (7/6/2014)
And Now It’s Gone: Shrine of Jonah Destroyed by ISIS (7/24/2014)
Even More Islamic Heritage Destruction in Iraq (7/29/2014)
August in Iraq: More Destruction, Humanitarian Catastrophes (8/14/2014)
“Heritage in Peril: Iraq and Syria” (Metropolitan Museum of Art, September 22) (9/23/2014)
ISIS October News Roundup (10/8/2014)
ISIS destroying sites in Salah-ad-Din Province (11/27/2014)
Will “protected cultural zones” save heritage sites in Syria? (12/15/2014)
ISIS destroys several more sites in Mosul and Tal Afar (2/10/2015)
Assessing the Destruction at the Mosul Museum, Part 1: The Assyrian Artifacts (2/27/2015)
Assessing the Destruction at the Mosul Museum, Part 2: The Sculptures from Hatra (3/3/2015)
Damage around Tikrit, Destruction in Mosul (3/17/2015)
Assessing the Damage at Hatra (4/7/2015)
What is ISIS’ Media Strategy? (4/22/2015)
What We’ve Lost: Mar Behnam Monastery (5/12/2015)
ISIS Destroying Graves in Fallujah, Syria (8/14/2015)
New Documents Prove ISIS Heavily Involved in Antiquities Trafficking (9/30/2015)
Enter the Bear (10/2/2015)
Is Media Coverage Encouraging Archaeological Looting in Syria? (12/28/2015)
How Much Money is ISIS Making from Antiquities Looting? (1/12/2016)
Assessing the Damage at Palmyra (3/31/2016)
Palmyra Propaganda (4/7/2016)
The Cleansing of Mosul (6/6/2016)
ISIS destroys Temple of Nabu at Nimrud, Nergal Gate at Nineveh (6/8/2016)
House Homeland Security Committee Releases Report on ISIS Financing (10/14/2016)
Nimrud Damage Assessment (11/23/2016)
A Bookend to the Destruction of Mosul: The Great Mosque of Nur ad-Din destroyed by ISIS (6/23/2017)
The Great Damascus Antiquities Bust? (12/8/2018)

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